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Principle Investigator

Dr. Wu Jie

Jie finished his undergraduate study at Beijing Normal University in 2006. in 2012, he earned his Ph.D degree under the supervision of Prof. James Panek in the Department of Chemistry at Boston University. His PhD thesis was Total Synthesis of (-)-Virginiamycin M2 and Chiral Organosilane Based Sequential Transformations to Access Polycyclic Scaffolds.


After that, he was a postdoctoral researcher in the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering at MIT, working with Prof. Timothy Jamison and Prof. Alan Hatton. His postdoc research was aimed at utilizing CO2 as a green C1 source to synthesize useful chemicals in continuous flow reactors.


Since July 2015, Jie has been appointed as an assistant professor at National University of Singapore in the Chemistry Department. Before that, he worked as a senior scientist in Snapdragon Chemistry Inc. at Boston which is established by his postdoc advisor Prof. Timothy Jamison for half a year. In 2021 July, Jie was promoted to Associate Professor (with tenure). He also serve as NUS chemistry MSc Program Director.


In his spare time, Jie likes to play basketball and badminton.

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