• Nov - Our paper on visible-light-mediated metal-free hydrosilylation of alkenes through selective hydrogen atom transfer for Si-H activation has been accepted in Angewandte Chemie International Edition. Congrats, Zhou Rong,  Yi Yiing, Haiwang, and Lihua! Thanks for collaboration, Prof. Tao Hairong (BNU)!

  • Nov - Prof. Wu attended the 12th International Conference on Cutting-Edge Organic Chemistry in Aisa (ICCEOCA-12), and wins Asian Core Program Lectureship Award from China.


  • Sep - Our paper on photo-induced nickel-catalyzed chemo- and regioselective hydroalkylation of internal alkynes with ether and amide a-hetero C(sp3)-H bonds has been accepted in Journal of The American Chemical Society. Congrats, Hongping and Xuanzi! Thanks for collaboration, Qinghua and Zhihui (NUS)!

  • Aug - Mr. Aloysius Ee and Mr. Lum Yen Shin, Ewan joined the group as FYP students. Welcome, Aloysius and Ewan!


  • Aug - Mr. He Mingyang (BS at Tianjin University) and Ms. Li Lihua (BS at Nanjing Tech University) joined the group as Master students. Welcome, Mingyang and Lihua!


  • Aug - Mr. Xu Jin hui (MS at Hunan University) joined the group as Ph.D. students. Welcome, Jinhui!


  • Apr - Our paper on photoredox promoted metal-free direct alkylation of unfunctionalized allylic/benzylic sp3 C-H bonds via radical cation deprotonation pathway has been accepted in Chemical Science. Congrats, Zhou Rong, Haiwang, and Xingjian! Thanks for the collaboration, Prof. Tao Hairong (Beijing Normal University).

  • Mar - Prof. Wu's previous advisor Prof. T. Alan Hatton (MIT, Department of Chemical Engineering) visited our lab. Welcome to Singapore, Alan!


  • Mar - Prof. Wu won the 4th Green & Sustainable Manufacturing Award from GSK-EDB (Co-PIs: Prof. Zhao Yu and Mr. Loong L. W. Daniel). Let's move on and keep the ball rolling!


  • Feb - Prof. Wu attended the 3rd International Conference on Molecular & Functional Catalysis 2017 (ICMFC-3) and delivered an invited talk.


  • Feb - Our paper on reaction discovery using acetylene gas as the chemical feedstock accelerated by the "stop-flow" micro-tubing reactor system has been accepted in Chemical Science. Congrats, Xue Fei, Hongping, and Chengwen!

  • Feb - Dr. Xu Haisen (PhD with Prof. Wang Wei at Lan Zhou University) joined us as a Postdoc Fellow, whom is co-supervised by Prof. Loh Kian Ping. Welcome, Haisen!


  • Jan - Mr. Toh Ren Wei (BS at NUS) joined the group as IPP-supported (Advanced Technology Research Centre, ATREC-Singapore)  PhD students. Welcome, Ren Wei!



  • Dec - Prof. Wu attended the International Symposium for Chinese Organic/Inorganic Chemists in Singapore (ISCOC-14&ISCIC-11) and delivered an invited talk.


  • Nov -Dr. Hou Jing ( PhD with Prof. Zhou Qilin at Nankai University ) joined the group as a Postdoc Fellow. Welcome, Jing!


  • Oct - Our paper on a binary catalyst system of a cationic Ru-CNC pincer complex with an alkali metal salt for selective hydroboration of CO2 has been published in ChemComm. Congrats, Chee Koon!


  • Sep - Our invited review paper on reaction screening in continuous-flow reactors has been published in Tetrahedron Letters. Congrats, Dara, Xingjian, and Jiesheng!


  • Sep - Dr. Xue Fei left us to join Prof. Tamio Hayashi's group (NTU) as a postdoc fellow. Farewell and good luck, Fei!


  • Aug - Mr. Zhou Quan (Soochow University, 3+2 program) and FYP students Mr. Foo Yong Hui, Ms. Yeo Yitong, Ms. Mun Chia Pui Shane, Ms. Lee Jin Ping joined the group. Welcome on board, guys!


  • Aug - Mr. Wu Wenbin (MS with Prof. Huang Jing-Mei at South China University of Technology) and Mr. Cao Hui (MS with Prof. Hou Xiufeng at Fudan University) joined the group as Ph.D. students. Welcome, Wenbin and Cao Hui!


  • Jul - Ms. Tang Yuanting Karen left us to join IMRE as a research fellow. Farewell and good luck, Karen!  


  • Jul - Mr. Yu Xingjian left us to join NUS as a master student. Farewell and good luck, Xingjian!  


  • Mar - Xue Fei successfully defended his Ph.D. thesis, congratulations, Dr. Xue!  


  • Jan - Mr. Farhan Bin Aidiljuined the group as a UROP student. Welcome, Farhan!                                         


  • Jan - Mr. Liu Haiwang (MS with Prof. Shen Xinghai at Peking University ) and Ms. Fan Xuanzi (BS at Beijing Normal University) joined the group as Ph.D. students. Welcome, Haiwang and Xuanzi!


  • Jan - Dr. Zhou Rong (Ph.D. with Prof. He Zhengjie at Nankai University ) joined the group as a Postdoc Fellow. Welcome, Rong!



  • Nov - Mr. Yu Xingjian (B.S. at Sun Yat-sen University and the Hong Kong Polytechnic University) joined the group as a Research Assistant. Welcome, Xingjian!


  • Nov - Mr. Xue Chengwen (B.S. at Soochow University) joined the group as a Research Assistant. Welcome, Chengwen!


  • Nov- Ms. Tang Yuanting Karen (B.S. Hons, NTU) joined the group as a master student. Welcome, Karen!


  • Oct - Dr. Deng Hongping (Ph.D. with Prof. Shi Min at Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry) joined the group as a postdoc fellow. Welcome, Hongping!


  • Oct - The Wu group is officially initiated! Our laboratory is located at S15-L5.


  • Oct - Mr. Li Jiesheng (B.S. Hons at NUS) transferred from Prof. Yeung Ying Yeung's group as a year 2 Ph.D. student and helped set up the laboratory.


  • Sep - Mr. Xue Fei (NUS graduate students) and Ms. Dara Khairunnisa Binte Mohamed (B.S. NTU) transferred from Dr. Zhao Jin and Prof. Andy Hor's group, joined us as Research Assistants and helped set up the laboratory.


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